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Description: rxcp_logoThe RxCherryPick strategy is dedicated to improving pharmacy gross profit, cash flow, and working capital.


Call Craig at 763.772.3319 to find out if your pharmacy(s) are qualifed to join the RxCherryPick club.







What is RxCherryPick?

A strategy that improves gross profit, increases cash flow and working capital.   


How does it work?

Log into your RxCherryPick account. Key in or upload your order. The cherry picking is done instantly. Review the order and click one button to submit to your primary and selected RxCherryPick preferred suppliers. 


What drugs are cherry picked?

Brands, generics, and C3 - C5 (if approved).



How do I sign up?

Call Craig at 763-772-3319 and he'll determine if you are qualified to join RxCherryPick. If you are qualified references will be provided.