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Description: image001The RxCherryPick strategy is dedicated to improving the gross profit and cash flow of our client pharmacies .


Call Craig at 763.772.3319 to find out if you are eligible to become an RxCherryPick client pharmacy.





What is RxCherryPick?

A strategy that improves gross profit and increases cash flow.  


How does it work?

Log into your RxCherryPick account. Key in, upload, or EDI your order. The cherry picking is done instantly. Review the order and click one button to submit to your primary and multiple RxCherryPick preferred suppliers. 


What drugs are cherry picked?

Brands and generics.


Will I break my PVA?



How do I sign up?

Call Craig at 763-772-3319 and we'll determine if your eligible to become an RxCherryPick client pharmacy.


How much does it cost?

It’s FREE.

Cortland Data References


John Hoeschen

St. Paul Corner Drug – St. Paul MN

(651) 698-8859

Gabe Guijarro

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy – Lufkin TX

(936) 634-3006

Sheldon Rubin

Medical Center Pharmacy - North Billerica MA

(978) 663-6583

Chris Witzany

Wood River Pharmacy - Grantsburg WI

(715) 463-2525